"Seeking to articulate notions of time and space ... viewer accesses the painting while being kept on edge by events occurring within; the original perception by body and mind, a starting point on a journey into the painting." Paul Pagk


Courant à contre-courant, from Collection Quasar curated by Emmanuel Lesgourgues Peyrehorade, France. Mars 2018                 

Pierre André - Vincent Barré - François Boisrond Joël Brisse - Pierre Buraglio - Damien Cabanes Roland Cognet - Noël Cuin - Christophe Doucet  Daniel Gerhardt - Lionel Godart - Toni Grand  François Jeune - Joël Kermarrec - Jean-Yves Langlois - Bertrand Lavier - Konrad Loder François Martin - François Mendras - Pierre Nivollet - Bernard Pagès - Paul Pagk           Jean-Pierre Pincemin - Jean-Claude Pinchon  François Priser - Miguel Sancho - Christian Sorg Dominique Thiolat - Florence Valay            Claude Viallat - Julião Sarmento 

Paul Pagk, 1994, Oil on linen, 65"x65"/165x165cm           https://www.collection-quasar.com/courant-a-contre-courant

2D or not 2D  @ Air Mattress Gallery            2350 Broadway #207 NYC NY                  Director Mark DeMuro. inaugural exhibition open by appointment mark@markfineart.com  May 1st to June 6
Artists in show:
Addolreza Aminlari
Peter Coffin
Kenny Curwood
Jane Fine
Mary-Ann Monforton
Maynard Morrow
Paul Pagk
Ben Peterson
Lauren Seiden
Anne Sanstad
Armando Veve

Paul Pagk Untitled 2013 oil on linen 24"x24"