Six drawings at Paréidolie 2019, International Fair of Contemporary Drawing, Marseille, France

eric Dupont pareidolie 6 drawings 2019 .jpg

Introspection: 16 drawings, 2018 - Artelli Gallery Brussels

Drawing Now Paris, 2017 - Galerie Eric Dupont, Artist Focus: Paul Pagk

Hands Up / Hands Down - MIGUEL ABREU GALLERY - SUMMER 2006

Vito Acconci, Sam Lewitt, Scott Lyall, Pieter Schoolwerth, Jimmy Raskin, Raha Raissnia, Paul Pagk, and Matt Bakkom


Reading these insightful lines, surprisingly, made me think that they could be brought to bear on Paul Pagk’s daily drawing practice, in which an insistent graphic impulse, in search of matter, color and space, like the three cardinal nutrients of survival, constitutes at once the beginning and the end of art. There is a simple breathing quality to this repeated activity of the hand, one that is worlds apart from Lyall’s attempt to pinpoint the conditions under which the opening of a subjective procedure in art becomes possible.