Selected Reviews & Publications:

- Artnet Editors’ Picks (2017):  11 Things to See in New York This Week: 1- Goerk/Welish/Pagk
"In the sparse white cube of ART 3 Gallery, three artists present works in varying media. David Goerk, Paul Pagk, and Marjorie Welish all work with color to investigate abstraction". 

- Paris-Art (2017) :  EXIL: Paul Pagk, Carlos Kusnir, Hyun Soo Choi, Damien Cabanes, Siobhan Liddell - Galerie Eric Dupont                                                     - "L’expérience physique de la peinture chez Paul Pagk"                                                                                                                                                 ... "Eric Dupont a regroupé cinq artistes de sa galerie pour partager son regard sur l’art, amener les visiteurs à s’étonner comme lui même a été étonné, et les emmener sur le chemin d’un exil essentiel, vers les mondes des artistes. Deux toiles de Paul Pagk illustrent deux facettes de la pratique du peintre : Les Baigneuses, réalisé en 1983, appartiennent au registre figuratif tandis qu’une autre huile sur toile sans titre réalisée en 1992 est représentative de l’abstraction que Paul Pagk a plus largement explorée. L’une comme l’autre témoignent en revanche de l’importance de la lumière et de la couleur dans son travail dédié à une expérience très physique de la peinture".

- ArtPress, Julie Crenn (2016): Paul Pagk - Galerie Eric Dupont :                                                                                                    ..." Like Blinky Palermo, Ellsworth Kelly or Peter Halley, the artist creates a kind of sensorial abstraction … His works with their luminous, vibrant colors fully embrace the viewer’s presence. The materiality and generosity of the formats give rise to a physical experience of paintings." Translation, C. Penwarden                             

- Migliarino Constellation (2016), Paul Pagk : Inarte Residency Book

 Click on image to view booklet

Click on image to view booklet

- Artoris Magazine, Cécile de Hann, Paul Pagk : portrait (2016):

- Œuvres, Benoît Blanchard, Paul Pagk (2016) :

- Visual DiscrepanciesInterview with Brent Hallard, Between Heaven and Earth – Paul Pagk (2010)

- Artcritical, Adrian DannattOur Secret: Hidden Master Painter Paul Pagk (2014) :

A cult figure, a painter’s painter, the critic’s favorite, Paul Pagk is an artist whose import is whispered rather than shouted, a secret shared by connoisseurs, his name like a clandestine password amongst an entire younger generation now exploring abstraction....

- Fibonaccisusan, Paul Pagk at 33 Orchard Gallery (2015):

- Magenta Magazine, Bill Clarke, Paul Pagk at 33 Orchard Gallery (2015):

- Labor and Curse (2013):

- Contemporary Art Daily, Surface Affect, Miguel Abreu Gallery (2012):

"Paul Pagk’s lush surfaces of monochromatic, slow colored oil paint inscribed with idiosyncratic geometric shapes produce a potent logic of sensation that seemed to have disappeared long ago from the playbook of abstract painting, that is assuming it ever was part of its vocabulary in such a way in the first place. The subtle balance struck between the fragile and the assertive pictorial elements in each painting renewed, one graphic impulse, one line, one dominant color and surface finish at a time, offers a generous range of somewhat restrained visual stimuli that is capable 0f enhancing the viewer’s alertness each step of the picture’s way."

- Some Walls, Chris Ashley (2011): A curatorial and writing art project. Essay on Paul Pagk: "Drawings from the Series: The Mesquite Drawings" (Click to read Essay)     

...."A final Bachelard quote reminds us of the primacy and experience of the kinds of images Pagk conjures: "The grace of a curve is an invitation to remain. We cannot break away from it without hoping to return. For the beloved curve has nest-like powers; it incites us to possession, it is a curved corner, inhabited geometry."

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- Exhibition Catalogue, Franklin Sirmans“The Pleasure Principle”Paul Pagk at Le 19-CRAC (1999)

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- Artist Book with German critic Franz Dahlem, "to K. from P" - Paul Pagk (2007)


- Connaissance des Arts, Miguel Abreu, Les harmonies de Paul Pagk (march 2002)

- Artforum, Donald Kuspit, Paul Pagk at Thread Waxing Space (1993)

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Paul Pagk at Thread Waxing Space by Kuspit, Donald | Artforum International, Summer 1993

Paul Pagk's abstract paintings show that the renewal of painting depends upon the renewal of what is fundamental to it: primitive sensory experience articulated through texture and elementary structure. The former is innate to surface, the latter marks it as the universal ground of presentation. Painting can never die as long as what psychoanalyst Thomas Ogden calls "the autistic-contiguous mode" of experience, through which the subject first integrates sensory input, remains basic to all experience. At its best painting evokes "the rhythm of sensation" that forms the fundament of our self. The ground of experience is "sensory contiguity"--connections between "sensory surfaces 'touching' one another." Those who are sick and tired of painting are sick and tired of what is most fundamental in their sensory experience....

- The Villager, Stephanie Buhmann: Piet Mondrian's grave discovered by painter Paul Pagk and sculptor Leonardo Drew (2009)

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Blackbook Video (2014)

Paul Pagk - Invit Jean Fournier.jpeg

Invitation Solo Exhibition 1987

Galerie Jean Fournier, Paris France

Paul Pagk - Invit Jean Fournier 2 2.jpeg