British-American-French Artist       
Born in England UK, 1962

lives and works in New York since 1988. 
Lived in England, Austria, France


1978 to 1982:     
École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France


– Paul Pagk: Interaction, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris France (March 23 - May 11, 2019)
– Paul Pagk, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris France
– Oeuvres récentes, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris France
– 18 Drawings and 1 Painting, Studio 10, Brooklyn, New York, USA
– Mesquite  drawings,  Some Walls, Oakland, CA, USA
– Recent paintings, My red maybe your orange, even, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
– Children of the Revolution Cosmic Sex Poem, Exhibition, New York, USA
– Home is where the heart is, Baukunst Galerie, Köln, Germany
– Recent Paintings, Gallery Eric Dupont , Paris, France
– To K from P with love, Markus Winter, Berlin, Germany
– Aftermath & lexicon, Moti Hasson Gallery, New York, USA
– Open Project Space, New York, USA
– Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
– Batlle Pagk (two person show) curated by Adrian Dannatt, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, USA
– Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
– Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
– Galeries des études, ENAD Limoges-Aubusson, France
– MACC, Fresnes, France
– Le 10neuf, C.R.A.C. Montbéliard, France
– Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
– CRG Gallery, New York, USA
– CRG Gallery, New York, USA
– Galerie Eric Dupont, Toulouse, France
– Thread Waxing Space, New York, USA
– Galerie Eric Dupont, Toulouse, France
– Thread Waxing Space, New York, USA1987:
– Galerie Jean Fournier, Paris, France
– Galerie Simone L'Hermitte, Rouen, France
– Jean-Marie Monthiers, Paris, France
– A.P.A.C. Montpelier, France


Constructed: Paul Pagk/ Cary Smith/Beverly Fishman/Marilyn Lerner/Joanna Poussette-Dart, curated by Barry Rosenberg, Contemporary Art Galleries, University of Connecticut, USA 
La Couleur, curated by Jean-Pascal Léger, C.A.P. Royan, France
Introspection: Paul Pagk/ Warner Berckmans, Artelli Gallery Brussels, Belgium 
– 2D or Not 2D,
Air Mattress Gallery, NYC, USA
The Idiosyncratic Pencil Exhibition, curated by Ann Stoddard, Harper Center for the Arts, SC, USA
Courant à contre-courant, curated by Emmanuel Lesgougues, Collection Quasar, Peyrehorade, France
– Lunchbox Fund Benefit, NYC, USA
– EXIL: Paul Pagk, Carlos Kusnir, Hyun Soo Choi, Damien Cabanes, Siobhan Liddell, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
– Goerk / Grytting / Pagk / Welish, ART 3 Silas Von Morisse Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
– Summer installation of works by gallery artists Eileen Quinlan, Paul Pagk, Pieter Schoolwerth, Blake Rayne, Rochelle Goldberg, Miguel Abreu Gallery, NYC, USA
– Social Photography V, Carriage Trade, NYC, USA
– Visages de la ligne, Frac Picardie, Amiens France
– Sequence 6: one work, one week Rochelle Goldberg, Paul Pagk, Aaron Flint Jamison, Pieter Schoolwerth, Miguel Abreu Gallery, NYC, USA
– PPP Painters Painting on Paper @ Schema Projects, Brooklyn, USA
– Mamie Holst and Paul Pagk, presented by Jane Kim 33 Orchard, NYC, USA
– 5x5, Edward Thorp Gallery, NYC, USA
– Osamu Kobayashi and Paul Pagk, Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
– The 40th Anniversary Exhibition, Hal Bromm Gallery, NYC, USA
– The Abstract Body, curated by Craig Stockwell, The Sharon Arts Centre, Peterborough, NH, USA
– ON PAPER Mamie Holst and Paul Pagk, presented by Jane Kim, 33 Orchard, NYC, USA
– Material Way, curated by Kathleen Kucka, Shirley Fitterman Art Gallery BMCC, NYC, USA
– (S)ITATIONS, La beauté devient avant-garde une passion privée, Musée de Sarrebiurg, Sarrebourg, France
– Summer Show, Focus on Painting, FL Gallery Milan, Italy
– La main invente le dessin, Abbaye de Saint-Riquier, Frac Picardie, Amiens France
– Pipe Dreams, Wishful Thinking, Grand Gestures & Dirty Lies, ACE Project Space. NYC, USA
– Brooklyn Bridge, curated by Justine Frischmann, George Lawson Gallery, SF, USA 
– Social Photography III, Carriage Trade, NYC, USA
– Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Year 1, curated by Phong Bui, Dedalus foundation, Brooklyn, USA
– la main invente le dessin, centre culturel de rencontre, abbaye de saint-riquier, FRAC Picardie, France
– Four Tet, JiM Comtempori, Barcelona, Spain
– Emergence, A Proposition by: Katrin Bremermann, Erin Lawlor & Yifat Gat.   
– Hôtel de Sauroy,, Paris, France
– Wit, curated by Joanne Freeman, Painting Center, New York, USA
– Around the corner, Four Painters Living in Tribeca: Hermine Ford, Joanne Greenbaum, Paul Pagk, Gary Stephan, organized by Lucien Terras, New York, USA
– Line and Plane, McKenzie Fine Art, New York, USA
– Surface Affect, Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York, USA
– noir et blanc, Espace Henri Matisse, Creil, FRAC Picardie, France
– Wavers, curated by EJ Hauser and Rob Nadeau, Brooklyn, USA
– Ponctuation 8 /Inventer le dessin, Musée du dessin et de l’estampe originale, Gravelines, FRAC Picardie, France
– Social Photography II, Carriage Trade, NYC, USA
– A Romance of many Dimensions, curated by Brent Hallard,  BrooklynArtistGym, Brooklyn, USA
– A Review, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, USA
– A few of my favorite things, The End, Brooklyn, USA
– 70 Years of Abstract Painting – Excerpts, Jason McCoy inc. New York, USA
– Paper A-Z, Sue Scott Gallery, New York, USA
– Geometric Days, curated by Papo Colo, Jeanette Ingberman, and Herb Tam, Exit Art, New York, USA
– Social Photography I, Carriage Trade, NYC, USA
– Painting and Sculpture, Foundation for Contemporary Art Benefit, Lehmann Maupin, New York, USA
– Informal Relations curated by Scott Grow, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis, USA
– Geometric Progressions, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, USA
– Lush Life, curated by Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Scaramouche, New York, USA
– A fleur de peau II – Le dessin à l’épreuve, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
– Present, curated by Jay Murphy, HP Garcia Gallery, New York, France
– Group Show, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
– Untitled (On Paper), Moti Hasson Gallery, New York, USA
– Inside the Pale, curated by Frank Schroder, Thrust Projects, New York, USA
– Orthodoxe/Hétérodoxe : choisir sa ligne, Le 10neuf, C.R.A.C. Monbéliard, France
– Beyond the Pale, curated by Candice Madey and Tairone Bastien, Moti Hasson Gallery, New York, USA
– Trait, ligne, écrire l’espace, F.R.A.C Beauvais, France
– Twist it Twice, curated by Franklin Evans, Moti Hasson Gallery, New York, USA
– Hands up/Hand down, Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York, USA
– A fleur de peau, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
– Excès de traits, Frac Picardie , Amiens, France
– Le Cabinet 2, curated by Ann Philbin, FRAC Picardie, Amiens, France
– Le Cabinet 1, curated by Gabriel Orozco, FRAC Picardie, Amiens, France
– Zenroxy, curated by Ivan Vera, Von Lintel Gallery, New York, USA
– Galerie Martagon, Malacène, France
– Recent acquisitions, FRAC Picardie, Amiens, France
– Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA
– C.R.A.C., Montbéliard, France
– New York Draws, Gas-Works, London, and then Corner House, Manchester, UK
– Current under current, Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA
– Drawings, AC Project Room, New York, USA
– Works on Paper, Alona Kagan & Jose Martos, New York, USA
– Other Rooms, Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York, USA
– Metamorphose Part II, Guillaume Gallozzi, New York, USA
– Summer Exhibition, CRG Gallery, New York, USA
– Logo Non Logo, curated by Robert C. Morgan and Pierre Restany, Thread Waxing Space, New York, and then to University of South Florida, USA
– Centre Lotois D'Art Contemporain, Figeac, France
– Written-Spoken-Drawn in Lacanian Ink, curated by Raphael Rubinstein, Thread Waxing Space, New York, USA
– Drawings, Galerie Regards, Paris, France
– Intérieurs, Musée Goya, Castres, France
– Abstract Painting, curated by Robert C. Morgan, Nahan Contemporary, New York, USA
– Three Painters, curated by Timothy Nye & Miguel Abreu, 470 Broome Street, New York, USA
– Galerie Jacques Girard, Toulouse, France
– Park Floral de Paris, Paris, France
– Carte Blanche à Yves Michaud, CREDAC, Ivry, France
– Centre Culturel de Brétigny, Brétigny-sur-Orge, France
– L'Epure, curated by Yves Michaud, Galerie Beau Lézard, Paris, France
– Journées Jeunes Créateurs, Espace Kiron, Paris, France
– Sur Invitation, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France
– Galerie Jean Fournier, Paris, France
– 55 Panoyaux, Paris, France


– NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship in Painting
– Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptures Grant
– Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
– Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Grant
– Sheldon Bergh Award
– Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
– Prix Fenéon, Université de la Sorbonne


– New York Presbyterian-Cornell Hospital, New York, USA
– Fonds National D'Art Contemporain (FNAC), France
– Le Bon Marché (LVMH group), Paris, France
– Springfield Museum of Art, Ohio, USA
– Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA
– L'Artotec Limoges, France
– FRAC Picardie, France
– "Les Abattoirs", Musée de Toulouse, France
– Ville de Brétigny-sur-Orge, France


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